The Things We Leave Behind
This is a perfect topic for me to get something off my chest.

I hold onto grudges until I feel I am even with those who have offended me, especially exes.  So I remain ‘friends’ with them. Just so I can be present when karma hits back, avenging my pain.

Have you ever tried to help someone with a bad habit and they look at you as if you are stupid? Or ever been unjustly treated or accused of something? I hate it when that happens.

Imagine the satisfaction and exhilaration when someone proves you were right, or innocent. That is why I stick around, waiting patiently to say, “I told you so!”

For me, that is not enough to make us even. So I will linger a while longer, until my ex ‘comes back to his senses.’ Until he realises and admits that he messed up, “Damn, I should have never let you go!”

My template response never changes, “You shouldn’t have. Too bad you did.”

When I utter those words, my mission is complete. I am triumphant. Slowly, gently I sever all the ties between us.

I have done this a couple of times already, and boy, didn’t I enjoy it! However, since I recently got married, I am finding myself doing things a lot more differently these days.


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