His face pops up in my head,

With a smile so beautiful, so sincere

Designed for me

To make my heart flutter,

My mind dysfunctional

And my soul merry


I have been told he is strange,

Most of my friends don’t get him

But what can I say?

He is designed for me

I see cuteness in his clumsy walk,

Awe in his existence


Like a child I smile at the thought of him

My life so perfect, a dream come true

He is designed for me

To rewrite the wrongs of this world,

Committed against my younger self,

To change the way I see humanity

To change my attitude to love stories


He is designed for me,

To love me, be my best friend

On this, our wedding night,

I see now, that

He is designed for me,

To be my husband, my soulmate

Till death do us apart


PS: dedicated to the man who tamed my wild heart

Designed for You

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