Happy 2017 everyone! Hope this will be a better year for you,  in every way possible.

With 2017 just starting; I figured this is probably the best time to start planning my long term (as well as short term) goals for 2017. But for a great 2017;  what lessons can I take from 2016?

Lesson 1: God knows my needs more than I know them

In August of 2015, I bought my first android. The Lenovo yoga tab 2. Its design fascinated me. And after 2 weeks of using this device I started wondering how I had managed to use other devices before.

The lenovo yoga tablet 2 has a ‘handle’ on one side of the tablet. It makes holding the tab feel more secure and natural.

I had no idea I needed such a tablet design until the day I bought my tablet.

That’s pretty much how I feel about God. 2016 has taught me that God knows my needs more than I know them.

2. Embrace failure -it’s a part of life

I don’t know about you-but I can be somewhat of a perfectionist. I have had a ridiculous phobia of failing.

Been under the illusion that if I failed, especially in my academics-that I would be flawed and tainted forever! I was convinced I’d never recover from it. And so I found myself postponing everything as much as I can.

It seemed like a pretty good idea at first. You know, do it when you’re ready sort-of thing. Until I ran out of luck.

I can’t keep pushing things to do them when am ready. Sometimes, it works; but most times it doesn’t.

So, go on and submit thatincomplete project, I tell meself.

3. Relationships- of any kind- need a continuous input of effort

Don’t you just love it when someone makes you feel special? Everyone does. And you’re a liar if you claim not to like it.

Humans strive every day to get recognition or acceptance from other humans. Which means every person I encounter needs me to be kind to them.

For strangers it’s easy. Just be kind. It lasts a few seconds and I’ll probably never see them again.

For friends and family though…

Every single day, every second of the day I have to constantly put effort to make them happy. Honestly, it can be daunting at times. But its easier to do when I am consciously aware of the fact that I ought to be kind.

I’ve been in the best relationship I’ve ever had, for the past year plus. God knows I love my man. But it hasn’t been a walk through the park. We haven’t had any huge fights- and he’s the first person I can argue with but still want to sit next to till I calm down. But through those minor conflicts, I realised- that I need to be kind to him as I was the first day we met!

He’s got to be kind to me exactly the same way he was when he was trying to get me to be his girlfriend. There’s no two ways about it.

It is easy to get comfortable and take everything for granted. I won’t be making that mistake in 2017.

4. There are no shortcuts in life.

It’s easy to get fooled, especially by mainstream media.

Have you ever noticed how you almost never hear about upcoming artists or potential billionaires? The media’s version of upcoming artist is a young celebrity whose new song made it onto the top ten billboard charts.

What is upcoming about that? An artist with 1 million Youtube vevo subscribers is not upcoming!!

I discovered Tim Sykes when he became a millionaire. They tell us he’s young and he’s achieved so much; which is true. Very inspiring, I should add.

But 80% of the time… THEY ALMOST NEVER GO BACK TO HIS 15 YEAR LONG JOURNEY! Which in my opinion; is the biggest part of his story!

It’s best I remember this.

5. Switch off my phone, unplug my wifi and make progress.

Social media is my biggest time consumer. It does me more harm than good.

I am getting into the habit of turning off my gadgets and experience life first hand.

I’d love to start a conversation with a stranger on the bus. Look outside the bus window. Have a 3D life experience.

Mostly importantly, I want to save my eyes. Staring  at computer screens for that long hours daily has taken a toil on my eyes.

Prevention is better than cure, if you ask me. So maybe I am not going to start a conversation with a complete stranger on the bus. But at least my eyes will still be intact when am 80.

What lessons did 2016 teach you? or which of these lessons have been helpful?